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Sputter Deposition System for Reproducible Thin Film Layers: 032 PRIMS

PREVAC has introduced a simple and full functional sputter deposition system, called 032 PRIMS, for applying reproducible thin film layers.

The system is supplied with magnetron sputtering sources (for inorganics and metals), mounted in sputter-down configuration. It also features a turbomolecular pump with a manual throttle valve.

The 032 PRIMS system has a small process chamber size that helps reach the base pressure within a short time. A unique deposition rate checking system is also available.


  • Size: Compact design
  • Base pressure range: 10–7 mbar
  • Process chamber diameter: Ø 355 mm
  • Substrate stage for up to 2″ diameter samples
  • Ports for up to three 2″ magnetron sources
  • Rapid turbo-molecular pumping system
  • Internal shield against chamber contamination
  • Process chamber is equipped with a full size vacuum door for easy substrate or target replacement 


  • Process automation
  • Substrate heating up to 600 °C
  • Substrate/sample stage rotation
  • Co-deposition
  • Deposition rate measurement 

The 032 PRIMS system is fitted with MS2 63C1 magnetron sources and new M600DC-PS power supply. 

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