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PILATUS3 R Detector Series from DECTRIS

Dectris offers the PILATUS3 R series hybrid photon counting detectors that have been specifically designed to achieve excellent data quality in X-ray detection. These detectors are integrated with two major technologies: single-photon counting and hybrid pixel technology.

The PILATUS3 R series hybrid photon counting detectors bring all the benefits of hybrid photon counting technology to the laboratory.

Key Features

The main features of the PILATUS3 R hybrid photon counting detectors are:

  • Direct detection of X-rays in single-photon-counting mode
  • Dectris instant retrigger technology for non-paralyzable counting
  • Precise count rate correction for outstanding data quality at high count rates
  • Highest local and global count rates
  • Excellent point-spread function
  • Short readout time
  • High dynamic range
  • High frame rates
  • No dark current
  • No readout noise

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