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PILATUS3 S & X Detector Series from DECTRIS

The PILATUS3 S and X detector series available from Dectris offers excellent performance for a wide range of synchrotron applications.

The PILATUS3 X series offers sub-millisecond readout times and frame rates up to 500Hz and thus enables innovative experimental strategies. Moreover, region of interest readout allows users to leverage highest frame rates with the largest PILATUS3 X models.

The PILATUS3 S series detectors deliver unparalleled performance for all standard applications and make hybrid photon counting technology accessible to almost any synchrotron beamline and budget.

Key Features

The main features of the PILATUS3 S and X detector series are:

  • Count rates up to 10 Mcts/sec/pixel
  • Direct detection of X-rays in single-photon-counting mode
  • No dark current
  • No readout noise
  • Excellent point-spread function
  • Overflow-free 20 bit counter

The advantages of the PILATUS3 S and X detector series are:

PILATUS3 S series PILATUS3 X series
Readout time of 2.03ms Readout time of 0.95 ms
Maximum frame rate of 25Hz Frame rates up to 500 Hz
Upgradeable to X series Region of interest readout

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