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Optical Cryostats from Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments offers the Optistat range of cryostats, specifically developed to meet the needs of complex spectroscopy applications. These cryostats offer a compact design, broad temperature ranges, superior electrical and optical access, and excellent cryogenic performance, providing a wide range of options. There is a cryostat capable of providing the sample environment and cooling technology for every experimental needs.

Key Features

  • Wide temperature range (1.5 K to 500 K)
  • Cryogen free options
  • Compact
  • User friendly

Cryostats for Microscopy — The Microstat Range

Oxford Instruments also offers the Microstat range of cryostats that is designed to meet the requirements of challenging microscopy applications. The extensive range of options ensures that there is a microstat with cooling technologies to suit the needs of your laboratory.

Your choice of Microstat model will depend on the cooling technology, base temperature, and sample environment needed for particular experiments.

Key Features

  • Wide temperature range (2.2 K to 550 K)
  • Integrate conveniently with commercial spectrometers and microscopes
  • MercuryiTC controller allows simple monitoring and control of the sample stage


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