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High Cooling Power Dilution Refrigerators – Triton™ and Kelvinox™

The Triton series of Cryofree® dilution refrigerators are reliable, easy to ease and configurable, making them ideal for ultra low temperature research. These refrigerators enable temperatures less than 5 mK, without requiring liquid helium and offers cooling power of up to 1000 µW at 100 mK. Oxford Instruments has deployed more than 200 Triton systems across the world.

Key Features

  • A wide range of integrated superconducting magnets of up to 18 T
  • Unique, patented top and bottom loading makes sample exchange rapid
  • Vast range of customisation options, including optical windows and wiring options
  • Offers large sample spaces of 240 mm or 430 mm diameter

The Kevlinox range

The Kelvinox range of dilution refrigerators was initially launched in 1988, and was specifically developed for use in cryogenic and magnetic environments. The high performance refrigerators offer a combination of excellent value, quality, and a high level of automation.

The Kelvinox range has been updated and improved on a constant basis, including the introduction of a fully automatic, oil-free gas handling system, and the KelvinoxMX multiple experiment range which offers new levels of modularity and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Automatic gas handling system
  • High level of automation
  • Variety of experimental inserts for different applications

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