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Superconducting Magnet Systems – Teslatron™ and Spectromag™

Superconducting magnets include high homogeneity magnets, split pairs, solenoid magnets, magneto-optical magnets, and vector magnets to suit all superconductivity applications. These options are available either as cryogen free magnets or traditional wet systems, with fields up to 18 T.

Oxford Instruments provide different configurations to suit most applications in low, ultra low and high field environments, based on over 50 years of technology innovation.

The product range of superconducting magnet systems includes:

  • High field wide bore research magnets: 19 T within a 150 mm bore, or 15 T within a 250 mm bore
  • Cryofree® magnets of up to 18 T
  • Solenoid superconducting magnets up to 22 T
  • Vector rotate magnets
  • Split pair superconducting magnets up to 15 T
  • Integrated high field magnet with ultra low temperature refrigerator of up to 18 T
  • Custom designed superconducting magnets for particular applications

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