Versatile and Economical Plasma Cleaners for Surface Activation and Plasma Cleaning

Henniker Plasma’s low-cost plasma cleaners are entry-level bench-top units that can be used for a variety of basic surface activation and plasma cleaning procedures. These plasma cleaners are compact, cost-effective and are available in two versions: 100 mm diameter and 150 mm diameter plasma chamber.

Both of these plasma chambers are ideal for small sample size, low-throughput production or laboratory use. Although these plasma cleaner models do not possess upgraded features or wide range of options, they deliver exceptional value in a bench-top, compact unit.

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Key Features

  • Available for rental, for proof of concept trials
  • Continuously varying power setting
  • With or without vacuum pump
  • Single, fixed flow gas inlet


  • Metals, glass, polymers, and ceramics
  • Plasma surface activation
  • Plasma cleaning

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