Plasma Cleaners for Ultra-Fine Surface Cleaning and Preparation

Plasma Cleaners from Henniker Plasma provide ultra-fine surface preparation with the help of just oxygen or air as the process gas. The plasma cleaners are also compatible with several other gases.

The systems offer an inherently eco-friendly method without any waste chemical, which makes the plasma cleaners a preferred alternative to both solvent and aqueous based cleaning methods.

The plasma cleaners are available with several options, which enable them to be utilized for various requirements; such as rotary drum chambers and high capacity loading trays, single or multiple gas inlets. The experts from Henniker Plasma have years of experience with many system options and applications, and based on the user's needs they can suggest a customized unit.

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Key Features

  • Numerous sample introduction options
  • Continuously variable power output
  • Industrial scale plasma cleaners for large parts/high throughput
  • User-friendly TFT software control
  • Laboratory/process scale plasma cleaner chamber volumes ranging from 100 mm diameter upwards

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