Plasma Cleaners for the Fast and Efficient Cleaning of TEM Sample Holders

Henniker Plasma’s TEM sample plasma cleaners/plasma ashers are capable of providing efficient and fast cleaning. They are fully automated low cost plasma cleaners/plasma ashers have standard adapters integrated into them.

The adapters are suitable for the sample holders that are provided by all leading microscope manufacturers. The plasma output power is fully controllable over the range 0 - 100 W, and as a result provides a very gentle and controllable process.

With plasma cleaning processes in place, common sources of error within the TEM are significantly reduced.

Key Features

  • Front feed of TEM sample holder
  • Dual gas inlets for O2/Ar and other gases
  • Low power operation
  • Re-entrant style sample holder introduction
  • Multiple TEM grids and SEM stub cleaning


  • Low pressure plasma cleaning
  • Preparation of electron microscopy samples

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