Accelerating SEM: ELPHY Quantum

The ELPHY Quantum from Raith is incorporated into a single user interface—the Raith NanoSuite—to manage the complete workflow (control of exposure parameters, CAD layout and processing, remote control of each microscope, automation, etc.). The exclusive hardware is pre-installed and tested on Windows PCs.

With the ELPHY Quantum, users get a field-proven technology and reputable support and training infrastructure. ELPHY Quantum offers the most stress-free and economical access to professional nanofabrication and nanolithography—all that the users need to begin a task efficiently.

  • Free-of-charge global support infrastructure for an extensive range of nanolithography and nanofabrication applications
  • Complete on-site system installation and training
  • User-friendly, 100% integrated Raith NanoSuite software
  • Versatile upgrade (trade-in) concept with access to complete Raith product series
  • Fast 6-MHz dual DAC addressing for X and Y main beam deflection (16 bit)
  • Exclusive NanoPECS Proximity Effect Correction and modern 3D-Lithography software modules, starter kits, calibration standards, test samples, and extra accessories available
  • True multiple user management by user authentication and associated specific system parameter administration; users will find their system in the same way as they left it
  • Accurate six extra multiplying 16-bit DACs for multilevel lithography, maximum precision overlay alignment, and write field calibration with sub-nanometer step-size control

Prepared for the Future

Upgrade kits for ELPHY nanolithography and nanofabrication are the most ideal, versatile, and economical solution for managing the realm of Electron and Ion Beam Lithography by speeding up FIB-SEM, SEM, and HIM.

With a past performance of nearly 1,000 installations, ELPHY is the most extensively distributed commercial SEM/FIB lithography attachment. Raith Nanosuite software is incorporated into ELPHY as well as into all the Raith systems, thus ensuring process compatibility is preserved and upgrading is streamlined.

Customers can request an online software demonstration.

ELPHY Quantum Product Details

Main Application

  • SEM nanolithography


  • Can be attached to analytical SEM


  • Relies on analytical SEM

Accelerating SEM: ELPHY Quantum

Nanolithography “pen” – ELPHY turns your SEM or FIB-SEM into a nanofabrication system
ELPHY Quantum Applications: Aharonov-Bohm ring with 1D Quantum Wire (QW) embedded in one of the ring-gate structure arms (A. Tsukernik, Tel Aviv University, Israel)
ELPHY Quantum Applications: Electrical nm-contact fingers for carbon nanotube transport measurement
ELPHY Quantum Applications: 3 angle deposition for spin dynamics experiments (M. Zaffalon et al.)
ELPHY Quantum Applications: Al-nanobridge used as a tunneling contact (after a mechanical break) (M. Goffman, CEA Saclay, France)

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