CX-200Plus: Compact Scanning Electron Microscope

The CX-200plus, a full-size floor model Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) from Coxem, delivers high-resolution imaging capabilities at an economical cost. The CX-200plus comprises both BSE and SE imaging detectors, together with an internal chamber view camera for smooth stage tilt and height modifications.

The CX-200plus comes with several analytical options such as EBSD micro-structure crystalline analysis, EDS and WDS elemental micro-analysis, and cathodoluminescence (CL) internal structure analysis. Coxem’s EDS partners offer automated analysis capabilities for particles and features.

An exclusive feature of the CX-200plus is Coxem’s “Panorama” mode that enables the SEM to capture high-resolution images of large samples by manipulating the motorized stage at higher magnification and gather large images from several to thousands of tiled images automatically.

This feature is highly valuable for applications such as thorough analysis or metrology of semiconductors and electronic assemblies, as well as creating high-definition images that can be printed in poster or wall sizes.

Main Specifications

  • Fully compatible EDS
  • Compact and powerful performance
  • Resolution up to 3 nm
  • Standard BSE and SE detector
  • Panorama mode standard
  • Regular chamber scope
  • Mixing of signal
  • 10 ports for third-party analytical tools

Nano-Station 4.0 (COXEM SEM Dedicated Software)

The NS 4.0 software provides a highly user-friendly and intuitive user interface (UI) for the processes of Coxem SEM. The software offers features that skilled SEM users need together with an easy-to-use interface that enables even beginners to quickly become proficient.

Moreover, the panorama shot function prevents the difficulty caused to users while directly manipulating the camera, as well as moving and shooting for a long period, by allowing automatic capture of dozens or hundreds of images of the desired portion of the image. Users can use the dual-display mode to look at either the BSE or SE detectors or a composite image of both.


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