COXEM and Bruker Collaborate to Produce an Innovative Tabletop SEM with EDS and EBSD

COXEM Co. Ltd. and Bruker Nano have collaboratively reported the launch of the world’s first Tabletop SEM together with EDS and EBSD. It has been developed with the motive to enable the huge community of entry-level SEM users in academic research and industry to gain profit from the power of EDS and EBSD.

The ED-XS with EM-30 provides an entirely integrated, affordable and reliable EDS and EBSD system on a Tabletop SEM.

The ED-XS features the e-Flash XS EBSD detector, which is considered to be the smallest and most reliable EBSD detector ever developed, and it paired with COXEM’s EM-30 series Tabletop SEM, creates a package that provides a small-footprint EBSD at a much lower capital cost compared to conventional EDS/SEM/EBSD systems.

Powered by COXEM’s NanoStation software and Bruker’s ESPRIT 2 software suite, the system is ideal for applications ranging from grain size and shape distribution, grain boundary analysis, and orientation distribution, to the correlation of chemical and crystallographic results.

Developed to be an ideal analytical tool for entry-level users, the system provides a range of automated features, such as camera gain optimization and crystal phase setup, all without the need for calibration.

Users can learn more regarding how this technology can benefit their laboratory by contacting their local COXEM or Bruker Nano representative.

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