Filmetrics® F40: Turn Your Microscope into a Film Thickness Measurement Tool

The Filmetrics® F40 benchtop thin-film analyzer delivers accurate measurements of thickness, refractive index, and reflectance of various films and coatings. Spot size as small as 1µm enables use on both patterned and unpatterned samples. The F40 easily attaches to your microscope and includes a C-mount attachment and a CCD camera for integrated video of the sample surface.

The F40 configuration is typically determined for a specific film thickness range, from the F40-UV for measuring films as thin as 4nm, to the F40-XT measuring films up to 350µm thick.

The F40 may be used for a variety of thin-film types including:

  • Semiconductor films (photoresist, process films, oxides, nitrides)
  • Display films (polyimides, cell gaps, ITO)
  • MEMS (photoresist, Si membranes, AlN/ZnO thin film filters)
  • Biomedical coatings (polymer/parylene, membranes, implant coatings)

Key features of the F40 include:

  • Film thickness measurements from 4nm to 350µm (depending on configuration)
  • Spot size from 1µm to 100µm (depending on configuration)
  • CCD camera with integrated video
  • Intuitive measurement and analysis software
  • Built-in online diagnostics
  • 24-hour phone, e-mail, and online support

Optional features for the F40:

  • XY10 stage base
  • Motorized autofocus
  • Broadband microscope SS-Microscope-EXR-1
  • Broadband UV microscope SS-Microscope-UVX-1

The Filmetrics F40 film thickness measurement system attaches to an existing microscope.

Film thickness measurement ranges for the F40 configurations.

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