Nanalysis 100e Benchtop NMR

Nanalysis’ 100e benchtop NMR works on the basis of world’s most robust compact magnet platform at 100 MHz. This single-channel spectrometer has been designed for high-performance regular screening of proton NMR.

  • Exhibits superior sensitivity— samples can be run at sub milli-molar concentrations
  • Its stability is unparalleled—for example, extra thermal regulation and vibrational feet
  • Offers unmatched resolution—enhanced chemical shift dispersion
  • Includes ergonomic display—maneuverable, large, easy-to-use external touchscreen computer

100e Optional Features

  • Experiment designer enables users to write their pulse programs
  • Instrument can be remotely controlled from smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.
  • Kinetics package potentials for monitoring reaction
  • IQ/OQ/PQ Protocols
  • Non-deuterium lock options
  • Signal suppression
  • Secure login and user profiles with custom project settings
  • Users can develop their own applications using the Applications Programmatic Interface (API): refer to NMReady-CONNECT

Low Maintenance

The permanent magnet eliminates the need for cryogens, preventative maintenance, or weekly servicing. The automated shimming routines and the standard 5 mm NMR tubes enable the 100e to be plugged into standard wall power and used daily without the need for expert staff for maintenance.

Unlike Any Benchtop NMR Seen Before

The 100e offers a new level of power right at the user’s benchtop with the same user-friendliness and all-inclusive convenience pioneered by Nanalysis. The Nanalysis100e offers everything required to bring robust NMR to the user’s lab.

Quick and Easy-to-Use

Similar to the rest of the benchtop NMR spectrometers , the built-in touchscreen allows users to directly load standard experiments or adjust important acquisition parameters. The integrated processing software enables the data to be worked up on-board, which can then be simply exported for use with third-party programs, or printed. The exceptional sensitivity of 100e enables samples to be collected within a matter of seconds.

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