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LOT-Oriel Announces Availability of CRi inForm Advanced Image Analysis Software

inForm™ advanced image analysis software based on CRi's proprietary Machine Learning System (MLS) solves your challenging image analysis problems by combining fast and easy learn-by-example automated image processing with advanced object recognition and data analysis tools.

inForm™ operates on monochrome, color, or multispectral images of tissue sections. Sections can be stained with standard stains, immunohistochemical stains, and immunofluorescence stains (including Qdots™). Stains can be multiplexed for complex multianalyte analyses, as done in signaling pathway research. inForm can be trained to find virtually any tissue type or structure, such as cancer, fibrosis, inflammation, stroma, granuloma or vessels, and can give you area statistics and object counts. It can also be used to automatically assess IHC staining levels, on a cell-by-cell and sub-cellular basis, for per-cell phenotyping.

  • Analyzes conventional color images and CRi’s Nuance™ multispectral images
  • Simple, non-technical, learn-by-example interface - train high quality classifiers by simply drawing on the images
  • Full range of capabilities, from simple measurements to cell-as-a-unit multiplexed molecular phenotyping
  • Computationally efficient—runs on a standard laptop

For more information please go to or call Roslyn Lloyd on 01372 378822, e-mail [email protected]

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