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Microscope System Offers Convenient Solutions for Routine and Research

The 2nd generation Axio Imager microscope systems from Carl Zeiss meet all user demands for a versatile and easy-to-use polarization microscope. In geology, mineralogy, metallography, coal and oil petrography and forensic science, they provide more information in less time. The Axio Imager 2 systems exhibit high resolution and offer all contrasting and measuring techniques utilized in polarization microscopy. Easy, user-friendly operation via a touchscreen, the encoded nosepiece and many automated functions ensure a high level of convenience and flexibility in microscopy.

Nine stand versions of the Axio Imager 2 from Carl Zeiss are available to configure a convenient polarization microscope.

The Axio Imager 2 systems are flexible, upgradable microscopes with the option of encoded, partly / fully motorized components for both traditional and future applications, e.g. in the materials, glass, plastics, textile and fiber industries. They feature the optimized IC²S beam path (Infinity Color&Contrast Corrected System) and the strain-free, high-contrast EC Plan-NEOFLUAR Pol and EC Epiplan-NEOFLUAR Pol objectives which lie at the limits of microscopic resolution. Furthermore, Axio Imager 2 systems offer operating safety, economic efficiency and digital functionality both in routine and research. Additional technical improvements include the capability to combine reflected and transmitted light.

The modular system comprises nine stand versions, allowing users to configure their own customized polarization microscope. All traditional polarization components for orthoscopy and conoscopy are available for this purpose. The microscope versions are upgradable to include further contrasting techniques, e.g. the reflected- light techniques brightfield, darkfield, DIC, Circular DIC or even fluorescence. The Pol phototube with an additional intermediate image plane, self- supporting crosshairs and a focusing Bertrand lens has been customized for conoscopy for the examination of even the smallest crystals (> 10 µm). The offering also includes a complete range of compensators (both lambda plates and measuring compensators).

Combined with AxioVision software and the AxioCam digital microscope camera, Axio Imager 2 is the convenient system of choice for polarization microscopy.

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