New Residual Gas Analyser Range from Hiden Analytical for Basic Diagnostics Through to Precision Gas Analysis

The Hiden Analytical family of residual gas analysers features three system types optimised to accommodate applications from basic HV vacuum diagnostics through to precision gas analysis and fast-event UHV/XHV studies.

The HALO system, a multi-purpose spectrometer for HV/UHV vacuum applications, features partial pressure measurement to 10E-13 mbar together with exceptional low mass performance for high-sensitivity leak detection. Mass range options are 200amu and 300amu. Interchangeable gauge heads and control modules reduce operational costs and simplify post-sales service and maintenance.

The 3F series with sophisticated triple mass filter technology offers precise analytical capability with superior contamination resistance, high abundance sensitivity and detection capability to 5 part-per-billion, together with mass range options of 300amu and 500amu. Application-specific ionisation sources are available to enable system configurations for precision gas analysis, molecular beam and laser interaction studies, and UHV/XHV applications.

The 3F PIC is the ideal instrument for fast event studies.  It is compatible with the full range of ionisation sources in the 3F series and extends performance with a fast pulse counting detector capable of continuous measurement at rates to 500 samples per second and with a dynamic range from 1c/s to 10E7c/s.

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