Carl Zeiss Announces Addition of MCS FLEX Modules to its Line of Spectral Sensors

Carl Zeiss has added the MCS FLEX modules to its line of spectral sensors. The Multi Channel Spectrometer modules will be presented for the first time at the Photonics West trade show in San Jose, California, from January 27 to 29, 2009. The successful MMS (Monolithic Miniature Spectrometer) and PGS (Plane Grating Spectrometer) modules with photodiode array detector will also be on display.

Spectrometer Modules MCS FLEX from Carl Zeiss.

The very name of the new modules indicates their flexible application and integration possibilities. With their compact size and low weight, the modules are ideally suited for mobile measuring systems. In addition, the design of the housing provides considerably high flexibility for integration into the user’s measuring systems. The significantly improved thermal stability and low stray light ensure reliable measuring results.

The MCS FLEX spectrometer modules comprise an imaging grating, an optical input and a receiver array (CCD or PDA). The core of the spectrometers is a blazed flat-field grating for light dispersion and imaging. The overall configuration results in a spectral pixel resolution of 0.8nm/pixel, enabling a spectral resolution of better than 3nm in accordance with the Rayleigh criterion. The optical input is an SMA connector with an integrated fiber cross section converter. All optical components described here are mounted in a housing made of a special alloy which provides the excellent thermal properties of MCS FLEX.

Depending on the detector used, the modules are offered as MCS FLEX CCD (190-980 nm) or MCS FLEX PDA (190-1015 nm). The main feature of the MCS CCDs is their very high light sensitivity, making them ideal for use where low light signals need to be detected. This is the case, for example, in fluorescence measurements in microscopy and special thin films thickness measurements in the semiconductor industry.

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