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Hiden Analytical Introduces New Family of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Hiden Analytical introduce a family of quadrupole mass spectrometers designed specifically for UHV/XHV performance, evolved from the Hiden 3F-series concept and incorporating the proven triple-stage mass filter technology for optimum mass separation, ion transmission efficiency and contamination resistance.

Pulse ion counting detection is common throughout this series for highest sensitivity and fastest response times, with choice of positiveion- only or combined positive and negative ion detection.

Quadrupole mean energy scanning is featured for systems configured for analysis of externally generated ions, enabling ion energy distribution measurement and optimisation for neutrals analysis.

All systems feature the Windows-MASsoft Pro control program with multi-parameter scanning for optimisation of operating parameters for each individual mass channel. Ion detection is by fast pulse counting with continuous 7-decade scaling from 1c/s to 10E+7c/s. Sampling rates exceed 500 measurements per second, with partial pressure detection down to 5x10E-15 mbar and trace level detection to 5ppb.

A choice of ionisation sources enables system optimisation for varied applications including molecular beam, laser ablation, thermal desorption and general neutrals studies. All ion source parameters are software controlled with modes for ion attachment, ‘soft’ ionisation and appearance potential measurement.

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