Hiden Launch New Catalogue on Mass Spectrometry Systems for Monitoring Thermal Processes

Hiden Analytical issue a new catalogue describing their mass spectrometer systems and microreactors for control and monitoring of diverse gas-related thermal processes. Application areas include catalyst quantification, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), thermal programmed desorption (TPD) and general thermal reaction studies, with a range of interfaces available to accommodate process pressures from sub-atmospheric to 30 bar.

New products include the fully-integrated TPD Workstation for surface desorption studies at ultra-high vacuum (UHV), operating with small sample areas of just 1 sq.cm and programmable heating of specimens to 1000°C. The system features a UHV-compatible load lock and sample transfer mechanisms for minimised background vacuum levels. The SPACI-MS interface is also featured, with spatially resolved fine-bore quartz capillary sampling lines and automated linear translator to accommodate up to 16 capillaries, each with an integrated thermocouple, within a compact area of just 5 sq.cm for true 3-dimensional process monitoring.

The established product range includes the CATLAB integrated microreactor/mass spectrometer series and both benchtop and freestanding mass spectrometer systems.

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