JPK Instruments NanoWizard® AFM family

The NanoWizard® AFM family answers the advanced and complex questions of tomorrow's research delivered TODAY. It provides specialized solutions e.g., for soft matter and life sciences applications (BioScience version), materials and polymer research (NanoScience version) or nano-optics applications (NanoOptics version).

The ULTRA Speed version of the NanoWizard® offers the latest in terms of resolution paired with scan speed and allows the tracking of changes in samples in Real-time.

Scanning at speeds of greater than 300 Hz line rate with excellent, true atomic resolution in closed-loop mode is enabled by the enhanced low noise of scanner, position sensor and detection system. All NanoWizard® systems provide true integration of AFM with optical microscopy through the patented DirectOverlay™ feature for precise and easy working, and come with a large variety of options and accessories.

The unique QI™ mode enables quantitative imaging with outstanding high resolution and gives the user unmatched force sensitivity and control to be able to handle any brittle, delicate, soft or sticky sample.

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