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Bruker Introduces First of Its Kind Dimensional Analysis System

The Novel Contour CMM™ System Fully Integrates 3D Coordinate Measurements with Nanoscale Surface Height, Texture, Waviness and Form Characterization.

At the 30th Control International trade fair for quality assurance, Bruker today announced the release of the innovative and unique Contour CMM™ dimensional analysis system, which is the world’s first non-contact metrology system to perform simultaneous nanoscale surface height, texture, waviness and form measurements, as well as 3D coordinate measurements for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), all on one instrument.

Leveraging decades of world-leading optical metrology innovation, the system performs rapid, non-contact precision measurements to meet the industry’s most stringent standards. The Contour CMM system enables more accurate and convenient metrology for R&D and manufacturing of small structures in precision-machined components across a wide range of industries, from medical devices and optics, to automotive and aerospace.

Contour CMM is an exciting breakthrough in the marriage of high-resolution optical surface profiling and coordinate measurement. It will allow engineers and researchers to examine parts in a completely new way and develop data that has previously been impossible to generate.

Designers and manufacturers of precision components will gain significant value from having this capability to accelerate development and increase the quality of their products.

Donald K. Cohen, Ph.D.- Managing Member, Michigan Metrology, LLC

The Contour CMM system is a new enabler that fills a technology gap that industry has desired to bridge for many years. Our customers have had to face the uncertainties that come from fusing data from multiple technologies to solve manufacturing problems or investigate materials.

Now they can get all the detailed surface metrology they have come to rely upon from our systems, and also locate that data within the larger form for true, one-stop characterization.

James Earle - Vice President and General Manager, Bruker’s Tribology, Stylus and Optical Metrology Business

About the Contour CMM Dimensional Analysis System

Contour CMM transcends the boundaries of surface and coordinate characterization, quantifying a metrology continuum from surface roughness and texture through waviness into true 3D coordinate measurements of geometric dimensions with tolerancing analysis.

The instrument exploits Bruker’s industry-leading Wyko® interferometric optical profiling technology in a proprietary optical probe. This generates extremely high vertical (2-nanometer) and lateral (0.9 micron) resolution surface finish data. High accuracy stages enable utilization of this surface data as building blocks for a true part coordinate system with form error less than 2 microns. Its Vision Dimensions™ software offers proprietary features specifically designed for small-part characterization, including automation for part programs, hundreds of preset analyses, and customized inspection reports.

For advanced R&D, such as the measurement of material wear on medical implants or bearing races, the Contour CMM system provides, in a single instrument, the ability to quantify the smallest of wear scars with submicron accuracy, while enabling engineers to position where the scars are on the parts and report the deviation of the inspected part from CAD.


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