Carl Zeiss ORION Helium-Ion-Microscope Receives Prestigious R+D 100 Award

Carl Zeiss SMT, a leading global provider of electron- and ion-beam imaging and analysis equipment, was honored recently with a prestigious R+D 100 Award for one of the 100 most technologically significant new products in 2008. R+D Magazine recognized Carl Zeiss SMT's new ORION(TM) Helium-Ion-Microscope for its ability to produce images showing features never seen before. For example, the ORION system can differentiate clearly between materials within semiconductor device cross sections, even in the case of extremely thin layers consisting of only a few atoms. And, as another example, the ORION instrument allows precise imaging and measuring of carbon nanotubes, the building blocks of the new world of nanotechnology.

Based on its resolution of surface details, its unique contrast mechanisms and new analytical capabilities, the ORION microscope enables scientists and researchers to understand the composition of samples and materials close to the atomic level. This will allow new discoveries and product developments within nanotechnology, life sciences and the semiconductor industry.

The 46th annual technology competition run by R&D Magazine evaluated entries from various companies and industry players, research organizations and universities around the world. The magazine’s editors and a panel of outside experts served as judges, evaluating each entry in terms of its importance to the world of science and research.

According to Martha Walz, editor-in-chief of R&D Magazine, “Winning an R&D 100 Award provides a mark of excellence known to industry, government, and academia as proof that the product is one of the most innovative ideas of the year. We congratulate Carl Zeiss SMT, an organization that is clearly a global leader in the creation of technology-based products that make a difference in how we work and live.”

Dr. Nicholas P. Economou, Senior Vice President of Carl Zeiss SMT, stated, “Our team of researchers worked for years to develop this breakthrough microscope technology, which now is empowering scientists in a wide range of scientific endeavors around the world. Having our efforts recognized by an industry-leading technical journal like R&D Magazine is a great honor for our organization and its efforts in fulfilling our commitment.”

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