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  • Article - 16 Oct 2015
    Spectroscopy is a technique widely used in analytical chemistry to identify and characterise samples of material.
  • Article - 30 Jun 2013
    Russia, also known as the Russian Federation, is located in northern Eurasia and borders the Arctic Ocean. It covers a total area of 17,098,242 km2 and spans 9 time zones.
  • Article - 1 May 2013
    Maryland is a highly educated and technologically focused state. Their involvement in nanotechnology through organizations, companies and research/educational institutions is outlined and some of...
  • Article - 19 Feb 2013
    Since the passing of its General Corporation Act in 1899, it has steadily grown as a key industrial state. As of 2012, well over half of all Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.
  • Article - 3 Oct 2012
    In this interview, Dr Mohan Ananth, Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management for Carl Zeiss Microscopy, talks to AZoNano about their new Orion NanoFab multibeam ion microscope.
  • Article - 6 Jul 2012
    Printing electronics onto flexible substrates is becoming more and more viable, and nanotechnology is helping to make the manufacturing techniques commercially viable and increase the performance of...
  • Article - 22 Jun 2012
    Nanotechnology promises to benefit many different aspects of industry. The automotive industry is certainly no exception. Nano-enhanced materials are already beginning to improve the performance and...
  • Article - 25 Nov 2010
    In Dr. Luis Moreno-Hagelsieb's laboratory, aluminum oxide interdigitated capacitors have been developed and successfully tested on DNA hybridization test as well as on bacteria.
  • Article - 25 Oct 2009
    The next generation of solar cells will be light, flexible, attractive and most importantly, cheap, because they will be made from organic (plastic) materials. Their flexible lightweight properties...
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    INOVENSO, provide specialist laboratory and manufacturing equipment for all electrospinning needs. They provide versatile and reliable equipment for both pilot-scale and bench-scale research, which...