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According to ASTM E-384, microhardness testing specifies an allowable range of loads for testing with a diamond indenter. The resulting indentation is then recorded and converted to a hardness value. Typically loads are very light, ranging from a few grams to one or several kilograms. Since the test indentation is very small, microhardness testing is useful for a variety of applications such as testing very thin materials like foils or measuring individual microstructures.
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Featured Equipment
The FT-FS5000 Compression Tester is a compact and self-contained metrological system designed for sophisticated micromechanical testing of samples where small forces need to be detected.
The new NanoTest Vantage system from Micro Materials Ltd offers a range of mechanical tests on the nano-scale, allowing the researcher to build a complete picture of material performance. The nanotest Vantage can characterise you samples using numerous techniques including nanoindentation, nano-impact and fatigue, nano-scratch and wear and nano-fretting.
Other Equipment
The FT-G Microgripper series is designed to handle micro-sized objects and are accessories to one of the FemtoTools Microhandling systems, such as the FT-GS1000 Microassembler.
The Duramin microhardness testers from Struers allow you to perform Vickers and Knoop hardness tests reliably, reproducibly and accurately on metallic and non-metallic materials. The automated test sequence means that testing can be carried out efficiently, saving you valuable time.
Duramin-5 is a PC controlled semiautomatic microhardness tester with automatic turret and touch pad or computer control of indent load and time. Duramin-5 is designed specifically for the laboratory or QC station that is looking to eliminate operator influence during indent measurement.
If your laboratory needs a robust solution for high throughput environments, then the Clemex CMT (automatic) solution is the path to take. Fully equipped with a state-of-the-art microhardness testing machine, ASTM E-384 and DIN/ISO 6507 compliant Clemex CMT Software, a high resolution camera, and a high performance computer, you can rest assured that you'll have all you need to extract fast, accurate and repeatable test results. Clemex CMT (automatic) performs tests in just 4 easy steps!
The FemtoTools FT-S Microforce Sensing Probes are microforce sensors capable of measuring forces from millinewtons (10-3 N) down to several nanonewtons (10-9 N) along the sensors’ probe axis.
The FemtoTools FT-FS1000 Mechanical Probe is the world’s most versatile micromechanical testing instrument.
The CSM Micro-Hardness Tester provides over three decades of normal force range and is therefore ideally suited to the mechanical characterization of hard coatings, thick soft coatings and bulk materials. It provides accurate and reproducible values for the hardness and elastic modulus of a various range of materials and coatings of considerably diverse thickness and hardness values.
LECO's advanced Microindentation Testing Systems help you meet today's quality standards, as well as the challenges tomorrow's new materials present. Leco LM700-Series offers advanced touch panel display, variable weight combinations, fracture toughness value (Kc), and holds up to three objectives from 2.5X to 100X.
The Duramin-10 /-20 are modular systems for computercontrolled microhardness testing based on the Duramin-1 /-2 and operating under Windows 2000 / XP Pro. The tester is available as a semi-automatic (Duramin-10) or a fully automatic (Duramin-20) model. A simply structured, graphical user interface enables the operator to use the control program after only a short period of familiarization. The sequence of measurement operations to be performed on a particular sample or set of samples can be pre-programmed and stored for future use.
Whether you are in a production facility or a research lab, LECO's LM-Series Microindentation Hardness Testing Systems offer you a wide variety of models (including analog and digital) with the advanced features you need at a price that is right.
LECO's advanced Microindentation Testing Systems help you meet today's quality standards, as well as the challenges tomorrow's new materials present. LM300-Series offers durable membrane control panel with digital display and simple printing and data transfer capabilities.