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Focused Ion Beam (FIB) systems utilize a finely focused beam of gallium ions operated at low-beam currents for imaging and at high-beam currents for site-specific milling. Their versatility makes them popular for a wide variety of applications including advanced circuit edit, and revealing below-the-surface defects in advanced materials and devices.
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State of the art, bolt-on SIMS probe for integration into your existing UHV surface science chamber from Hiden Analytical.
The HITACHI NB5000 FIB-SEM combines a superior 40kV Ga ion FIB column with an ultra-high-resolution Schottky FE-SEM.
The FB2200 enables quick and accurate specimen preparation for both scanning and electron microscopy of semiconductors and other advanced materials. Using a new low aberration ion optical system enables a maximum beam current of 60nA at an accelerating voltage of 40 kV.
The FEI V600FIB is the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective circuit edit tool available for semiconductor labs. It enables fast, versatile modification and analysis with a single-column, focused ion beam (FIB) that effectively delivers high throughput circuit modification, cross-sectioning, and failure analysis.
The FEI V600CE focused ion beam (FIB) system incorporates the latest developments in ion column design, gas delivery and end point detection to provide fast, efficient, cost-effective editing on advanced integrated circuits at the 65 nm technology node and beyond. The V600CE is specifically designed to meet the challenges of advanced designs and processes: smaller geometries, higher circuit densities, exotic materials and complex interconnect structures.
AURIGA™ the new CrossBeam® Workstation (FIB-SEM) from Carl Zeiss SMT exactly delivers all this - on a nanoscopic scale. Using the best-in-class FIB column and the proprietary GEMINI e-Beam column from Carl Zeiss, together with a completely new designed vacuum chamber for advanced analytics, AURIGA™ assists you in obtaining the maximum information possible out of your sample.