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Moisture analysis covers a variety of methods for measuring moisture content in both high level and trace amounts in solids, liquids, or gases.
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The principle of operation of the Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer is loss on drying. The instrument finalizes on a programmed rate of weight change compared to the actual initial weight of the sample over a programmed window of time.
The Computrac ® MAX ® 5000XL advances the state of the art rapid moisture determination with ash analysis and a new temperature controlled balance that provides users with more stable and accurate measurements.
The PMD300 Online Moisture Meter series have been designed for online, in-process moisture analysis. Through the use of microwave resonance technology, the moisture content can be measured in less than one second.
Moisture analyzer MAX is equipped with backlit graphic display, which makes the instrument's interface transparent and easy to use. User menu includes data base with 99 drying procedures, with specified drying parameters for each entry (i.e. substance name, its number, ID, etc).
GE's Optica Series chilled mirror hygrometers offer National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST)-traceable humidity, temperature and pressure measurements for the connected generation. Now data is accessible from anywhere, any time, from within a browser over the Internet or from your Intranet.
The EdgeTech PPM1 is a trace moisture analyzer designed specifically for monitoring moisture levels in dew point and PPM units. This trace moisture analyzer utilizes an electro-chemical (P205) sensor in combination with a proprietary semi permeable diffusion membrane.
The MB45 features multi-language display text (English, Spanish, French, Italian and German), a capacity of 45g, with a readability of 0.001g and repeatability to 0.015% (10g sample). An integrated database stores up to 50 drying procedures for maximizing productivity, simply recall the test from memory and begin.
The MOST Economical 0.001% Moisture Analyzer for Plastics and Resins Applications.
If the sample contains a high moisture content, microwave drying is the fastest and most effective thermogravimetric method (loss-on-drying principle) for moisture analysis. Developed for measuring moisture content ranging from approx. 8% to 100%, the LMA 200PM performs moisture analysis in a fraction of the time it takes for other thermogravimetric methods.