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Optical tweezer is a scientific instrument that uses a focused laser beam to provide an attractive or repulsive force. Optical tweezers have been particularly successful in studying a variety of biological systems in recent years.
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The new generation of multibeam optical tweezers. The Molecular Machines & Industries CellManipulator is an optical trap that enables ultraprecise, contact-free manipulation of microscopic particles. The optical tweezers use a focused laser beam to trap, move and position single cells or sub-cellular and microscopic particles in a size range of approximately 0.1 micro - 200 micro.
PALM MicroTweezers, also known as optical tweezers, is a highly effective and non-invasive method to trap, move or manipulate microscopic particles such as cells, crystals, beads or even sub-cellular structures.
The E3100 Optical Tweezer System is a simple, pre-aligned, fully interlocked, laser workstation for single beam trapping and manipulation of micron sized particles. It incorporates all the key items of hardware within a self contained desktop instrument.
The NanoTrackerâ„¢ 2 is an optical tweezers platform based on research-grade inverted optical microscopes and designed for sensitive manipulation, force and tracking experiments.
The E3500 Optical Tweezer System is a fully functional computer controlled unit for the multiple spot trapping and manipulation of micron sized particles. It is designed to be attached to high quality commercial instruments, upgrading them to Photonic Force Microscopes.