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Atomic force microscopes (AFM) are one of the most powerful tools for determining surface topography at subnanometer resolution. Biomedical Atomic force microscopes (bio-AFM) paves the way for a multitude of applications in Soft Matter and Life Science research.
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The OpenPlex is a flexible surface Plasmon resonance imaging system developed to meet the demands of biophysicists, biochemists and biologists.
The MFP-3D-BIO is a high-performance Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) designed specifi cally for biological applications. It is a versatile AFM that combines molecular resolution imaging and pN force-based measurements on an inverted optical microscope.
Fluid Force Microscope is a sophisticated tool that combines AFM and nanofluidics. It redefines control and application possibilities in single-cell micromanipulation and beyond by merging the distinct possibilities of nanofluidics by Cytosurge with the force sensitivity and positional precision of the atomic force microscope.
The NanoWizard® 3 BioScience AFM is the only AFM system on the market which is designed for optimal use in liquid and comes with a vapor barrier, encapsulated piezos and a variety of dedicated liquid cells for applications ranging from single molecules to living cells. Of course, one can use the system in air or controlled environment too.
XE-Bio is a powerful 3-in-1 nanoscience research tool that uniquely combines industry's only True Non-Contact AFM with Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM) and inverted optical microscope on the same platform.