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FT-IR (infrared) and FT-NIR (near infrared) spectroscopy deal with specifc regions of the electromagnetic spectrum and unlike other techniques like Raman, these instruments can measure their entire range of wavelengths simultaneously. The techniques rely on the fact that molecules absorb specific frequencies that are characteristic to their structure. These frequencies are dictated by such things as the shape of the molecular potential energy surfaces, the masses of the atoms, and the associated vibronic coupling and can thus be used to characterize materials and systems. FT-IR and FT-NIR can be used on solid,liquid and gaseous samples.
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About the size of a lab book, the world‘s smallest FT-IR spectrometer ALPHA will play a big part in your daily routine. Plug & play set-up, easy-to-use software, combined with QuickSnap™ sampling modules assure powerful and reliable FT-IR analysis you expect from Bruker.
Nicolet iN10 is an intuitive, innovative and integrated infrared microscope which is designed for measuring samples down to a few microns.
The NORAN manufactured from Thermo Scientific has microanalysis capabilities for the modern electron microscopy laboratory. It is capable of generating accurate results and answers within seconds.
The MPA offers everything you need for the analysis of liquids, solids, powders and tablets. Powerful accessories like the automated 30-position sample wheel, which can be used for vials and tablets of all shapes and sizes, the sample rotator for the integrating sphere or up to two different fiber probes help you to achieve high sample throughput with excellent precision.