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Zeta potential is a measure of the magnitude of the repulsion or attraction between particles. Its measurement brings detailed insight into the dispersion mechanism and is the key to electrostatic dispersion control. The measurement of zeta potential is an extremely important parameter across a wide range of industries including brewing, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, mineral processing and water treatment.
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Featured Equipment
The Zetasizer Nano ZS brings you the practicality of a maintenance-free system with the versatility of multi-parameter measurements in a single compact unit.
Other Equipment
Zetasizer Nano ZS90, a low-cost zeta potential analyzer from Malvern Instruments, is designed to measure molecular size and particle size at a 90 degree scattering angle utilizing dynamic light scattering.
Cordouan Technologies offers WALLIS zeta potential analyzer for high-resolution zeta potential analysis.
Malvern Instruments has designed an advanced zeta potential analyzer called Zetasizer Nano Z.
The Zetasizer µV adds the power of advanced light scattering techniques to your laboratory to improve accuracy, reliability and ease of use for the characterization of protein solutions.
VASCO particle size analyzer available from Cordouan Technologies is a unique instrument designed for nano to micro (0.5 nm up to 6 µm) particle size measurements in suspensions.
The Zetasizer Auto Plate Sampler automates Dynamic Light scattering measurements from samples in industry standard 96- or 384-well plates to add the power of advanced light scattering analysis to your laboratory. Automating the measurement procedure means that you can simply insert your plate of samples and press "start".
The Möbius® makes reliable, reproducible, and non-destructive electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential measurements of macromolecules smaller than 2 nm in radius, as well as micron-size nanoparticles, in most aqueous buffers.
Particle Sizing Systems’ Nicomp 380 nanoparticle size analyzer is based on the Dynamic Light Scattering or DLS technique, which is suitable for sizing proteins, nanoparticles, CMPs, colloids, emulsions, inkjet inks and other dispersions used in nanotechnology and medicine.
Malvern's Zetasizer WT provides high quality on-line zeta potential measurements. It offers real-time monitoring of efficient charge neutralization and flocculation process performance. This fully automated tool delivers reliable and accurate results and an effective dosing control.
Cordouan Technologies offers the VASCO Flex™ particle size analyzer, which is designed specifically for non-contact and in situ particle size measurements. Based on optical fiber dynamic light scattering (DLS) technology, this unique and versatile system features four optimized optical fiber remote heads and a central unit with core hardware (correlator, photodiode, laser, temperature regulation, etc.).