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Transmission Electron Microscopy or TEM is a specialised form of microscopy that passes a beam of electrons through an ultrathin sample. Sample preparation is extremely important for this type of analysis and specialised equipment and sample holders are required.
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Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of specimens for TEM calibration where high resolution or quantitative results are needed.
SPI Supplies brings to its customers the world's largest variety of TEM grids made from different materials. While SPI offer a vast range of TEM grids, the grids presented on this page are the "plain vanilla" flavor, they are the "regular" grids that people have been using for years. However, their quality is in no way less than the other grids offered by SPI Supplies.
Agar Scientific offers filaments for transmission electron microscopes (TEM). Made with specially designed jigs, which guarantee precision and reproducibility in production, all filaments are stress relieved by flashing in a vacuum at temperatures higher than the normal operating level and then examined for precision of centring.
Agar Scientific offers finder grids that provide a simple solution for locating the exact position of points of interest in a specimen. This speeds up the otherwise time consuming process of relocating the features at high magnification.
TEMVu slides allows you to prepare your TEM window grid for light and fluorescence microscopy prior to performing TEM. Each slide has one TEM window grid supported on a 300 micron silicone gasket which is bonded to a No. 1 1/2 cover glass. The TEM grid will not float away when when submerged with water or aqueous buffer, but can easily be removed afterward with standard tweezers. Removable slide cap reduces evaporation during light microscopy imaging.
Holey carbon films supplied by Agar Scientific have many applications in microscopy; however, for some applications the mesh sizes of traditional TEM grids are very large to support the sample.
Agar Scientific offers a range of Omniprobe lift-out grids that are particularly designed to accept TEM lamellae milled by SEM/FIB or FIB systems.
Agar Scientific offers highly uniform polystyrene spheres with a refractive index of 1.59 @ 589nm wavelength and density of 1.05g/cm3.
Agar Scientific offers a range of thin foil apertures and disc apertures for use in X-ray systems, electron microscopes, microprobe, and Focus Ion Beam.
Agar Scientific supplies graphene oxide support films for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Graphene oxide offers a thinner support film of higher electrical and thermal conductivity and higher mechanical strength compared to support films manufactured from other materials.