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The TFC2000 is designed for continuous production of TCO-coated glass for the solar industry. It represents a unique and seamless combination of the world-leading glass and annealing know-how of Glaston and Beneq nAERO® thin film TCO-coating.
The AutoPore IV 9500 Series available from Micromeritics helps in differentiating the porosity of materials by applying various pressure levels to a specimen submerged in mercury.
The Beneq FCS 4000F is a heavy-duty production system designed for continuous in-line coating on float glass lines. The main applications are nAERO�-based transparent conductive oxide (TCO) for solar and Low-e for architectural glass. The FCS 4000F can also be equipped with the nHALO� coating process.
The QUAD-EV series mini e-beam evaporators available from MANTIS have been designed to allow controlled evaporation of materials under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions.
Particulate System offers an advanced and dynamic image analyzer called Particle Insight. The system is specifically developed for applications where the shape of raw materials is an important aspect.
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