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Micromechanical methods include compression, tension and bending tests, shear testing, adhesion testing, fatigue testing and fracture toughness. Thin film testing methods such as bulge testing and thermal straining are also used. This range of combined micromechanical tests is used to measure the mechanical properties of materials directly at the nano scale. In particular, micromechanical testing focuses on the influence of surface microstructure on mechanical properties, as opposed to relying on conventional geometry-independent measurements like the elastic modulus.
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Featured Equipment
The new NanoTest Vantage system from Micro Materials Ltd offers a range of mechanical tests on the nano-scale, allowing the researcher to build a complete picture of material performance. The nanotest Vantage can characterise you samples using numerous techniques including nanoindentation, nano-impact and fatigue, nano-scratch and wear and nano-fretting.
With the new NanoForce™, Bruker has combined the capabilities of AFM nanoscale characterization with nanomechanical testing. With a seamlessly integrated NanoLens™ AFM module, NanoForce™ makes available an unprecedented degree of characterization data in a single nanomechanical testing system.
Other Equipment
The FT-MTA02 Micromechanical Testing and Assembly Station is a flexible system and can handle virtually any mechanical testing and manipulation task for micro- and nanosystems characterization, biomaterials testing, and in the fields of materials science.
Material research, and the development of nanomechanical devices, depend on precise measurement of forces and deflections at the same scale as the objects to be analyzed.
Mechanical, geometrical, and electrical properties of MEMS chips can be simultaneously tested rapidly and easily with the FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation.
The TI 750H Ubi depth-sensing instrument available from Hysitron is exclusively designed for quantitative nanomechanical characterization. It comes with a distinctive profile that is customized for specific applications.
The Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter is the next- generation nanomechanical test instrument providing industry- leading sensitivity and unprecedented performance. The TI 950 has been developed as an automated, high throughput instrument to support the numerous nanomechanical characterization techniques developed by Hysitron.
Hysitron offers an advanced nanomechanical test instrument called TS 75 TriboScope.