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Sample handling equipment, calibration standards and other consumable products for optical/light microscopy and electron microscopy, including SEM and TEM.
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The miBot™ BT-11 from Imina Technologies is the world’s smallest nanometer resolution manipulator available on the market.
Agar Scientific offers standard grade grids that are available in gold, nickel, copper, or in copper with one side coated with palladium for identification purposes.
Agar Scientific supplies a comprehensive range of high quality tweezers from Dumont, a well known manufacturer based in Switzerland.
Agar Scientific supplies a wide range of microscopy tweezers and other tools for sample preparation.
Agar Scientific offers a wide range of sample preparation equipment for microscopy applications. Equipment range includes pestle and mortar sets, weighing boats, and pipettes.
Agar Scientific offers filaments for transmission electron microscopes (TEM). Made with specially designed jigs, which guarantee precision and reproducibility in production, all filaments are stress relieved by flashing in a vacuum at temperatures higher than the normal operating level and then examined for precision of centring.
Agar Scientific supplies a variety of photographic materials and accessories for microscopy applications.
Agar Scientific offers a range of thin foil apertures and disc apertures for use in X-ray systems, electron microscopes, microprobe, and Focus Ion Beam.
Agar Scientific offers a series of compact vacuum coating systems that provide a wide range of options to suit all sputter coating requirements needed in TEM and SEM applications. Built to high specification, these bench-top coating systems integrate microprocessor technology.
A new range of portable µ-Raman and µ-BioRaman microscopes from BioTools is used for the analysis of biological substance such as proteins and fibers, contaminants, liquids and tiny particles.
Agar Scientific supplies gold conjugates for electron microscope immunocytochemistry. Initially introduced as a cytochemical marker for TEM, colloidal gold has become a popular label of choice for detection of cellular and subcellular macromolecules and electron microscope immunocytochemistry applications.
Agar Scientific supplies a series of liquid nitrogen Dewars that offer a range of capacities to suit specific liquid nitrogen handling and storage requirements.
Agar Scientific offers a wide range of storage boxes for microscopy slides and samples.
Agar Scientific offers latex particles for scanning electron microscope (SEM) calibration. Polystyrene latex particles are suitable for SEM calibration purposes. An internal standard of size can be obtained by mixing an appropriate concentration of these particles with the particles of unknown size being examined.
Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of specimens for TEM calibration where high resolution or quantitative results are needed.
Agar Scientific offers a complete range of nano tool systems that can be incorporated into most SEMs and FIBs available in the market.
Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of safety equipment and PPE for microscopy. Product range include facemask, face shield, safety spectacles, goggles, and cryo aprons, amongst others.
Agar Scientific offers freshly cleaved ruby muscovite mica surfaces that are flat, uniform, transparent and free from scratches and imputers. Ruby muscovite is a hard material and has superior cleaving properties.
Agar Scientific offers tubes for storing and transporting SEM specimens. They are designed to hold the stub securely in the base of the tube and are available for stubs with M4 thread (Hitachi), 12.5mm diameter pin stubs, and 38mm diameter pin stubs.
Agar Scientific offers a range of Omniprobe lift-out grids that are particularly designed to accept TEM lamellae milled by SEM/FIB or FIB systems.
Agar Scientific offers highly uniform polystyrene spheres with a refractive index of 1.59 @ 589nm wavelength and density of 1.05g/cm3.
Agar Scientific offers a wide range of SEM specimen stubs and mounts for Focused Ion Beam (FIB) applications. The stubs measure 12.5mm in diameter and 10mm in height, and are supplied individually.
Holey carbon films supplied by Agar Scientific have many applications in microscopy; however, for some applications the mesh sizes of traditional TEM grids are very large to support the sample.
Agar Scientific offers a range of calibration specimens for assessing the image quality of high resolution SEMs.
BioTools has introduced a unique CaF2 cell - BioCell for carrying out water-based experiments. Compatible with any kind of FT-IR spectrometry, the BioCell has a simple design, which allows convenient disassembly of the device for cleaning during measurements.
Agar Scientific offers a complete range of high quality microscope slides and coverslips. The glass is exposed to stringent quality processes so as to ensure flatness without defects or impurities.
Agar Scientific supplies graphene oxide support films for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Graphene oxide offers a thinner support film of higher electrical and thermal conductivity and higher mechanical strength compared to support films manufactured from other materials.
Agar Scientific offers finder grids that provide a simple solution for locating the exact position of points of interest in a specimen. This speeds up the otherwise time consuming process of relocating the features at high magnification.