Angstron Materials

Angstron Materials
1240 McCook Avenue
Ohio, 45404
United States
PH: 1 (937) 331 9884
Fax: 1 (937) 558 0606
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Primary Activity

Nano Graphene Platelets

Company Background

Company Information:

Angstron Materials, Inc., headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is the worlds largest producer of nano graphene platelet materials with a 300 metric ton annual production capacity. One of the earliest graphene manufacturing companies, Angstron leverages a world-class team of scientists, researchers, and industry experts to provide graphene based solutions to customers worldwide.

With production and research focuses ranging from raw graphene and graphene oxide materials to a multitude of value-added applications and products, Angstron Materials is able to identify the optimal graphene for a variety of end-users.

Products Include:

  • Few layer graphene
  • Nano graphene platelets
  • Graphene Dispersions
  • Graphene Oxide Dispersions
  • Graphene Based Thermal Management Solutions
  • Graphene Enhanced Energy Storage Materials
  • Custom Graphene Materials and Solutions