Nanotech Biomachines, Inc.

Nanotech Biomachines, Inc.
2929 Seventh St.
California, 94710
United States
PH: +1 (855) 900 6266
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Company Background

Nanotech Biomachines is the only worldwide producer of industrial-grade graphene, which will replace Silicon, GaAs, and transparent conductive oxides for many applications in the near future. Our trademark product is GradpheneTM. We provide this industrial-grade material to industrial and academic research labs around the world. Our customers are creating faster computer transistors, faster radio-frequency transistors for cell phones, high power batteries, efficient solar cells, printable electronics, and flexible touch displays among other applications.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Berkeley, CA, and our technology was developed in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Current users of our products include leading nanoelectronics researchers at UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and Oregon Sate University. We are a team of experienced customer-focused executives, tech commercialization veterans, skilled quality engineers, and bright scientists.