Graphene Frontiers

Graphene Frontiers
3624 Market St. FL 5th.
PA, 19104
United States
PH: +1 (267) 225-5003
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Company Background

Graphene Frontiers is an advanced materials and nanotechnology company based in Philadelphia. With innovative technology that will enable the continuous production of uniform, meterlength single layer graphene films, Graphene Frontiers is dedicated to providing custom graphene solutions at a commercial scale – and an affordable cost.

The science behind the technology is a cheaper and more consistent method of manufacturing graphene, the Nobel Prize-winning nanomaterial with unbeatable strength and conductivity. The new method aims to manufacture large sheets of graphene at room temperature and pressure, unlike the extreme conditions necessary in other CVD techniques.

The result is easily manufactured, controllable roll-to-roll graphene sheets that can be custom tailored to a variety of uses.