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Primary Activity

Supplier of Power Sensors, Wireless Sensors, Gas Sensors and Actuators.

Company Background

Imec is a multinational R&D institute focused on solving complex problems in the fields of ICT, energy, and health and wellness. Imec aims to match our partner’s needs with technologically feasible and commercially viable solutions, creating both market value and social value. Imec is powered by top talent from over 67 countries specialized in fields of study ranging from electrical engineering and mathematics to biochemistry and medicine.

With over 2000 researchers organized into highly specialized units, Imec takes a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to addressing their client’s needs. Starting from the initial project definition phase, projects are worked on by dedicated teams combining design and processing expertise with application experts overseen by rigorous project management. Imec offer flexible engagements and risk sharing with their partners through stage-gated projects with payments linked to clear milestones and deliverables.

Imec's partners gain significant leveraging thru their $1B+ in infrastructure including 300/200mm clean rooms, optics, bioelectronics, microfluidics, biochemistry labs, as well as animal and cell culture facilities. By combining state-of-the-art facilities with globally recognized research experts, Imec are able to deliver solutions in multiple domains including: integrated micro/nanosystems, Si-photonics, MEMS, specialty imagers, ultra low power electronics, (bio)chemical sensors, and advanced packaging, to name just a few.