Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012 - Bruker Demonstrate Advanced AFM Techniques

Wills Memorial Building, Bristol University, the location of the 10th Seeing at the Nanoscale event.
Wills Memorial Building, Bristol University, the location of the 10th Seeing at the Nanoscale event.

The AZoNano team were lucky enough to attend Bruker's Seeing at the Nanoscale event in Bristol last week, in the spectacular Wills Memorial Building in Bristol. There were some fantastic covering speakers covering all aspects of atomic force microscopy as it is being used at the cutting edge of the research world.

The videos below show the great demos the Bruker Nano Surfaces team were able to give us of the tools they were exhibiting at the event.

Dimension FastScan AFM

The Dimension FastScan is the world's fastest atomic microscope, delivering extreme imaging speeds without loss of resolution.

In this video, Hartmut Statler from Bruker Nano Surfaces demonstrates the capabilities of the FastScan, ramping the refresh rate of an AFM image up to over a frame per second. This performance opens up real-time imaging applications, such as monitoring adsorption processes and the movement of atoms on a surface.


The Innova-IRIS system is the result of a partnership between Bruker Nano Surfaces and Renishaw. It tightly integrates a high-stability AFM platform with a top-of-the-line Raman spectrometer, in both hardware and software, allowing chemical or crystallographic information to be correlated with AFM topography.

Thomas Müller from Bruker Nano Surfaces demonstrated the Innova-IRIS for us, including some new TERS (Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) data obtained using this AFM-Raman system.

Peak Force Tapping® Imaging Mode

Bruker's new Peak Force Tapping® AFM mode allows extremely low tip-sample interactions. In this video, Chris Gregory uses the new MultiMode 8 AFM to demonstrate the benefits of this new mode. Also shown are the ScanAsyst and ScanAsyst-HR modes, which allow for simple and straightforward setup, achieving faster and more consistent results.

BioScope Catalyst

Hartmut from Bruker is back in this video, this time showing us the BioScope™ Catalyst™ AFM. The Catalyst is designed to be integrated with a wide range of inverted optical microscopes, making it perfect for life science applications.

The Catalyst also integrates with a wide range of bio-friendly accessories, such as the Perfusing Stage Incubator, which maintains the conditions necessary for AFM studies of live cells.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Bruker Nano Surfaces.

For more information on this source, please visit Bruker Nano Surfaces.

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