Nanoimprint Lithography Competence Center for Photonic Applications

A new nanoimprint lithography competence center called the NILPhotonics™ Competence Center has been established by EV Group (EVG), a key provider of wafer bonding and lithography systems for semiconductor, nanotechnology and MEMS markets.

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The NILPhotonics™ Competence Center

The NILPhotonics™ Competence Center is established to help customers to develop new and improved photonic products and applications such as laser diodes, LEDs and PV cells, using EVG's suite of nanoimprint lithography (NIL) solutions.

NIL-enabled photonic structures are capable of improving light capturing and light extraction in PV cells and LEDs, whereas they can improve the performance of laser diodes by enabling the customization of device characteristics.

The NILPhotonics Competence Center comprises pilot-line production facilities, global process teams, and services at its sophisticated cleanrooms located at EVG's headquarters in Austria and the company’s subsidiaries in Japan and North America.

EVG’s corporate technology development and IP director, Markus Wimplinger informed that as an enabling technology, nanoimprint lithography designs and produces different types of photonic structures, which are capable of considerably reducing market-reach time and production costs when compared to traditional techniques such as stepper and electron-beam writing systems for optical lithography.

Wimplinger went on to say that true 3D structures in the sub-micron to nano-range and features down to 20 nm can be patterned using EVG’s full-wafer nanoimprinting technology (Figure 1) when compared to traditional lithography, paving the way to new photonic applications.

A 6" full area nanoimprinted wafer, processed by EVG NIL solutions.

Figure 1. A 6" full area nanoimprinted wafer, processed by EVG NIL solutions.

The NILPhotonics Competence Center not only provides the state-of-the-art NIL systems to customers, but also helps them to improve their product designs and processes by leveraging the resolution and cost-of- ownership advantages of NIL systems.


The new NILPhotonics Competence Center is based on EVG’s over a decade of NIL experience with the largest installed base of NIL systems globally. EVG offers an extensive range of NIL systems, including the recently launched EVG7200 UV-NIL system.

The EVG7200 UV-NIL system is compatible with the company’s next-generation SmartNIL™ large-area soft NIL process for mass production. When compared to competing NIL technologies, the combination of the SmartNIL and EVG7200 yields better throughput and lower total cost-of-ownership benefits.

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