Evactron® 25Z Zephyr De-Contaminator from XEI Scientific for Vacuum Chamber Cleaning

The Evactron® 25Z Zephyr De-Contaminator from XEI Scientific is a user-friendly tabletop model capable of eliminating atmospheric carbon and hydrocarbons contamination from vacuum chambers such as focused ion beams and scanning electron microscopes.

The compact, remote plasma cleaning device produces gas-phase radicals using remote RF plasma. The generated radicals remove contamination from the vacuum chamber while passing through it.

The Evactron® 25Z Zephyr is designed for chambers using turbomolecular pumps (TMPs), eliminating contamination in the turbo pressure regime at 1-50mTorr without causing harmful effects on the TMP temperatures.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the Evactron® 25Z Zephyr De-Contaminator™:

  • One button operation
  • RF power of 5-20W
  • Clean chambers at turbopump pressures
  • ≥10x improved cleaning rate
  • Operating pressure of 1-50mTorr
  • Safe decontamination of the chamber with no damage to sensitive parts
  • The turbo-molecular pump is stress-free
  • Reduced cleaning time lowers downtime and improves productivity
  • Improved mean free path, yet ion damage-free
  • Chamber cleaning while in "pump down"

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