The HERCULES®NIL Fully-Integrated UV Nanoimprint Lithography Track Solution from EV Group

The HERCULES®NIL is designed with EVG’s proprietary SmartNIL imprinting technology with resist coating, cleaning and baking preprocessing steps and is the latest addition to EVG’s NIL product range.

The HERCULES®NIL is a fully-integrated UV nanoimprint lithography track system designed for wafers up to 200 mm in size. It is based on a modular platform and is a “one stop shop“ solution where the user loads the tool with bare wafers and 100% processed nanostructured wafers are returned.

The system can be used to optimize the process chain and manufacture multi-use soft stamps, which act as the foundation for high-volume production, without the need for supplementary equipment.

A special feature of the HERCULES®NIL is that it can be upgraded with a Class 1 (ISO 3) capable mini-environment to ensure the highest-quality master replication and lowest defect rates.

The introduction of the HERCULES®NIL as a 100% NIL solution for high-volume manufacturing, has reinforced EVG’s position in the full-area NIL equipment sector.

The HERCULES®NIL Fully-Integrated UV Nanoimprint Lithography Track Solution from EV Group

EVG®HERCULESeNIL UV-NIL Track System up to 200 mm
EVG®HERCULESeNIL showing buffer station, prealigner, dual-endeffector robot, shielded UV-NIL imprinting station
EVG®HERCULESeNIL pre-processing modules
Fully populated 6" Si substrate imprinted using the SmartNIL™ process
12.5 nm half-pitch US test structures Source: EVG
Honeycomb texturing of Multicrystalline Silicon (mc-Si) Courtesy of Fraunhofer ISE

Key Benefits

The main benefits of the HERCULES®NIL include:

  • Easy operation and maintenance-friendly
  • Enables large scale manufacturing of 40 nm structures
  • Integrates pre-processing and SmartNIL™
  • Fully-automated imprinting and controlled low-force detachment for maximum working stamp reusability
  • Volume-proven imprinting technology with excellent replication fidelity
  • Supports many structure shapes and sizes
  • Optimized modular platform for high throughput
  • Multiple-use soft stamp technology lowers cost of ownership
  • Master template lifetime similar to masks used for optical lithography
  • Working stamp manufacturing capability
  • Rapid curing times due to high-power lamp house
  • Optional mini-environment and climate control for ideal process stability and yield

Technical Features

The technical features of the HERCULES®NIL include:

  • Alignment - <3µm
  • High-power narrow band exposure as light source
  • Coating - Nanometer precise thickness control (±1%)
  • Residual layer (based on process) - sub-15 nm
  • Throughput (based on process) - Up to 40 wafers /h (200 mm)
  • Multiple-use polymer stamps (based on process) - >100 imprints / stamp
  • Supported automated separation
  • Integrated chemical cabinet
  • Open material platform for all imprint materials available in the market
  • Optional mini environment and climate control

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