Microscope Stage – Nanometer Repeatability and 100 µm of Movement - The NanoScan Z 100

The NanoScanZ 100 from Prior Scientific provides the end user with nanometer level repeatability for movement in the Z axis, making the device an exceptional choice for three-dimensional reconstruction, extremely close inspection, and Z-stacking.

The NanoScan Z is faster than an objective collar, and can complete all its movements within 10 ms. It is compatible with Prior’s H117 and HLD117 stages for a broad range of inverted microscopes. The NanoScan Z is available with a range of inserts, making it ideal for loads up to 500 g.

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Key Features

The main features of the NanoScanZ 100 are listed below:

  • Accurate and fast
  • Linear orientation - Z axis
  • 1 nm repeatability
  • 100 µm of movement
  • It is possible to load up to 500 g

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