H101F Stages – Fits onto a Wide Range of Upright Microscopes

The H101F stages from Prior Scientific can be equipped with an extensive range of upright microscopes. They are user-friendly due to their super thin, flat top design, providing an unrestricted 360° to rotate an objective or nose piece.

The H101F stages are a precise, motorized stage, equipped with patented Intelligent Scanning Technology and extremely high magnification. It is also possible to add 0.1 µm linear encoders to them. With these capabilities, they eliminate any risk of damage to either the sample, the microscope or the inserts.

The stage can evaluate larger samples, such as metallurgical samples and wafers, thanks to its larger sample holder area of 176 x 154 mm. A wide selection of stepper motor and ball screw options are available.

Key Features

  • Linear orientation
  • Travel range of 114 x 75 mm
  • Technology: Stepper motors
  • 0.2 µm repeatability
  • Thin, flat top design

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