Linear Microscope Stage with Perfect Balance between Speed and Precision - H117

A wide variety of motorized stages are offered by Prior Scientific for use in an extensive range of inverted microscopes.

The broad selection of ball screw and stepper motor options available assist in achieving the optimum balance between precision and speed. For better accuracy the H117 Linear Stage features intelligent scanning technology as standard, and it can be equipped with 0.1 µm encoders. The stage is capable of carrying loads of up to 10 kg, and can handle different types of specimens including semiconductor wafers, metallurgical samples, and slides due to the availability of an extensive range of sample holders.

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Key Features

  • 0.2 µm repeatability
  • Travel range of 114 x 75 mm
  • Speed up to 100 mm/s
  • Linear orientation
  • Technology: Stepper motors with 1 or 2 mm ball screw options or 200/400 stepper options

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