Microscope Stage with Eight Slide Capacity - H138A Stage

The H138A Stages from Prior Scientific are capable of holding up to eight slides concurrently, significantly improving the image acquisition speed. End users can achieve accurate control in both of the X and Y axis using the H138A Stage with its repeatability of 0.7 µm. This results in improved imaging efficiency and reduced operator fatigue.

The H138A stage is also capable of handling longer samples, as it features a long (275 mm) sample holder area, allowing precise imaging of longer samples under traditional microscopes. It is suitable for use in microscopes where close inspection is required.

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Key Features

  • Linear orientation
  • Travel range of 240 x 71 mm
  • 0.7 µm repeatability
  • Speeds up to 100 mm/s
  • Technology: Stepper motors
  • Eight slide capacity
  • Ideal for long samples

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