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3D Imaging from Core to Pore - CoreTOM

TESCAN’s multi-resolution 3D X-ray microscope, the CoreTOM is enhanced to handle high resolution, large field of view imaging of full cores down to microplugs.

The CoreTOM is suitable for multi-scale and multi-resolution imaging of larger volumes, such as geological materials. In application areas such as ore and mining, oil and gas research, and environmental science, this multi-resolution method is often required to get a full and representative overview of a sample. It is possible to image entire core samples up to 1.5 m to offer an overview of the variations inside. Details of the minerals or pore network can be gained by real-time zooming in on designated regions according to the overview image.

User Benefits

  • Resolution down to 3 µm (JIMA resolution pattern)
  • Dynamic in situ imaging
  • Samples up to 1 m in height
  • Rapid scanning - high sample throughput
  • Intuitive volume of interest selection

Carbonate core with interior tomographies

Carbonate core with interior tomographies

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