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3D Imaging from Core to Pore - CoreTOM

TESCAN’s CoreTOM micro-CT system integrates, in a single instrument, the standard field of view of a medical CT system with the high-resolution imaging performance of laboratory micro-CT systems.

The CoreTOM can image a broad range of sample sizes, ranging from full cores up to 1 m (~3 ft) in length to millimeter-sized micro-plugs or drill cuttings at 3-µm spatial resolution.

Continuous imaging, fast scan times, and dedicated software tools allow real dynamic CT, enabling scientists to carry out nonstop flow, tension, compression, and other time-dependent analyses. These features render the TESCAN CoreTOM a suitable platform for multi-scale imaging from core to pore.

The TESCAN CoreTOM is fitted with a high-powered microfocus X-ray source, thus facilitating high sample throughput and rapid dynamic imaging with temporal resolutions less than 10 seconds for complete 3D acquisition.

Key Benefits

  • High throughput
  • Multi-scale imaging
  • In situ imaging
  • Up to 1 m cores
  • Dynamic CT
  • Volume of interest scanning (VOIS)
  • Flexibility for research

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