UHV FIB-SEM NanoSpace: Ultra-High Vacuum for Ultimate Performances

The NanoSpace UHV FIB-SEM from TESCAN is a versatile, easy-to-use system specifically designed to function under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions.

Users can configure the NanoSpace system either as a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or as a dual-beam platform that incorporates an SEM and a high performance focused ion beam (FIB).

Featuring a modular design, the UHV system allows an array of SEM and FIB columns that match the specific goals and needs of end-users. The system also offers a comprehensive, optimal and customized solution for surface analysis and for FIB nano-machining on samples that need the most rigorous contamination-free environment.

Besides this, the NanoSpace system can be fixed to a UHV-compatible gas injection system (GIS) for local metal deposition and selective etching applications.

A UHV intermediate chamber enables in-situ connection to third-party systems, such as MBE clusters and surface analysis instruments. This connectivity expands the application scope of the NanoSpace system.

Key Benefits

  • Designed to perform high quality surface analysis
  • Full UHV design and contamination-free environment
  • Fully modifiable instrument
  • High resolution imaging
  • Accurate control of samples
  • Fully automated instrument
  • UHV connection is also available

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