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High Temporal Resolution 4D X-Ray Imaging - DynaTOM

The DynaTOM is a unique and first of its kind system for rapid dynamic in situ imaging.

In the DynaTOM, the detector and X-ray source rotate in a horizontal plane around a fixed sample.

The DynaTOM has a fixed sample configuration that is suitable for the addition of peripheral equipment such as flow cells and compression stages, which are linked to high-pressure tubing or sensor wiring.  Complete tomographies carried out within seconds, coupled with a nonstop acquisition make it possible to keep track of dynamic processes interruption-free.

User Benefits

  • Delivering synchrotron speeds to the lab
  • Fixed sample configuration having rotating X-ray source and detector
  • Resolution down to 3 µm (JIMA resolution pattern)
  • Full tomographies on the order of seconds
  • First exclusive commercial system for in-situ applications

Metalfoam compression high dynamic imaging 4D DynaTOM XRE

Metalfoam compression high dynamic imaging 4D DynaTOM XRE

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